Welcome to Salzburg!

Salzburg is known as “The Stage of the World” and offers the perfect ambience for the NAET SYMPOSIUM 2020.

Salzburg Silhouette



Beatrix Hintermair
NAET-Instructor and Practitioner
Dipl. Wega Feng Shui Guide

NAET Training Institute


Helen Bowman ND
BSc(Hons), Dip Clin Sci, CSci, Dip Hom, Dip Nat,
Allergy Specialist
NAET-Instructor and Practitioner

NAET Training Institute


HP Jörg Wienert
NAET-Instructor and Practitioner

NAET Training Institute



Dr Ruben Rafaelov

Rachel Welsh

Gal Bason ND

She has a graduate degree from the National College for Naturopathic Medicine in Tel Aviv. She is a Reiki master who is also trained in clinical nutrition, Botanical medicine, Bach flower remedies, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Iridology, nutritionist, aromatherapy. She has been a healing practitioner since 1999 and is deeply passionate about disease prevention and the optimization of overall wellness through holistic and nontoxic approaches. Gal was born in Israel and currently resides in Lexington, MA with her husband and three children.

Juan Palacio

Juan Palacio obtained his MD degree in Colombia in 1986. He then completed a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology at the Free University of Brussels. He worked in biomedical research for 4 years and then studied Homeopathy in Colombia and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Colombia and in Montreal (Canada). He’s been practicing NAET for 11 years.

Terry Plante

Terry Plante is a Licensed Acupuncturist since 2006 and a Registered Pharmacist since 1998. She has her own integrative practice including Certifications in NAET, NET, TBM and Acupuncture with Dr. Tan’s Balance Method since 2006 in the Boston, Mass area. Terry consistently seeks new strategies & tactics to provide the most efficient & effective treatment for her patients.

Monica Noviello

Dr. Mónica Noviello, is an MD, she has a master degree in Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Nutrition, she also uses techniques such as neural therapy, Bach flowers, orthomolecular medicine, among others. She has been an NAET practitioner for more than 15 years. She is a certified NAET instructor for Mexico and Latin America. He directs 2 alternative therapies clinics, one in Cuernavaca Morelos and another in Mexico City.

Tom Anderson

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi. and Logan College of Chiropractic, Chesterfield, Mo. NAET Practitioner 23 years

Ginger Martin

Dr Ginger Martin graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelors in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behaviour and worked in research before searching for a way to apply her science and medicine background in a more direct way. She fell in love with Chinese medicine and holds a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her practice combines her strong science and western medicine background with the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, and since 2015, also NAET. Dr Ginger is also a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

Margaret Stevenson

A retired Dental Hygienist, interested in nutrition and the effects of the food we eat. Started NAET in 2007, watching her husband, Dr. Gordon Stevenson, chiropractor, give patients another chance of life with chiropractic, NAET, acupuncture and laser therapy. Gordon passed on in July 2019. Margaret is continuing to work with his NAET patients.

Liezel Apante

Patricia Lew

Patricia Lew received her Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a minor in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. She received a $10 off coupon in the mail for acupuncture during her senior year of college. Immediately after using it for her first treatment, Patricia fell in love with holistic medicine. She continued receiving regular acupuncture treatments and along the way decided to pursue a degree in holistic medicine. Patricia received her Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Texas Health and Science University, graduating valedictorian of her class in 2007, then subsequently earned her Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.


Sister Naina


Kristen Couture

Sonja Friedbauer

1987 University of Florida, Bachelor Microbiology, 1991 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2016 NAET Instructor, Practicing NAET since 2011 for dogs, cats, horses – My husband Dr. Andrew Weiss and I reside in in Coral Springs, Florida. We use NAET to “Do no harm”, and to improve quality of life in our patients.


• Autoimmune disorders and NAET

• Stress and the Associated Chemicals

• Polycythaemia Vera, JAK 2 gene

• Experiences and tips from over 20 years kinesiological muscle testing

• Case studies; a) Polycystic kidney disease b) cranial nerve & gene work, lectins and brain allergies on very depressed 8 year old

• Strategizing Your NAET Testing Process

• Case study; Kidney failure

• NAET and Cancer

• Sensitivity testing in a female population affected by human papilloma virus vaccination (Gardisil)

• Your NAET Adventure Awaits

• NAET for personal development

• Memories

• NAET miracle stories

• Supporting Families with children with additional needs, NAET and Whole Family Healing

• Patient case study

• Pets and NAET

• Lyme Disease



08:00 am to 10:00 am – Re-Certification

10:30 am to 05:30 pm – Speech

06:00 pm – City tour

07:30 pm – Dinner


09:00 am to 03:30 pm – Speech

03:30 pm to 04:00 pm – Coffee


Book your place today for the NAET Symposium in Austria. In addition to the opportunity to participate in exciting exciting lectures, interesting sights in Salzburg can be visited.


EUR 64900
  • Available from 01.10.2019.
  • NAET Basic certificate upload is required for registration.

We reserve the right to refuse therapists from the TRM-, BBA- and JMT-lists.



Imlauer Hotel Pitter

Welcome to the premiere of the NAET – Symposium in the 4-star-superior Imlauer Hotel Pitter. The NAET – Symposium is taking place at The Imlauer Hotel Pitter, 4-star-superior. It is in the centre of Salzburg, close to many places of interest, an ideal starting point for walks into the heart of Mozart’s city.

The family Imlauer combines very successful tradition with modernity and sustainability, provides a lot of personality as well as individual service and charm for the guests of the house.


Tip: Use the code „NAET“ to get a discount at Imlauer Hotel Pitter.


The Imlauer „Sky Bar & Restaurant“ on the 6th floor of the hotel boasts an excellent location.


In the Pitterkeller, Salzburg’s most important beer cellar, you will find a rich selection of regional delicacies.


The Imlauer Hotel Pitter impresses with 192 stylishly furnished rooms of various categories.


The centerpiece of the Pitter Event Center is the Pittersaal, which can be divided into up to 6 sections.

Other hotels nearby


Visit the NAET SHOP at the event or online with informational material and NAET equipment.


Directions to the NAET – Symposium


In the charming old town of Salzburg, numerous pastel-colored houses and many baroque churches can be admired.

popular destinations for visitors to the city of Mozart in Salzburg or the surrounding area include the Salzburg Cathedral, the Europark, the Red Bull Arena, the Rupertus Therme or the Wolfgangsee.

Mozart’s Birthplace & Getreidegasse

In 1756, Salzburg’s most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, saw the light of day in house number 9. Today, his birthplace is one of the most visited museums in Austria and is an absolute highlight especially for Mozart fans.


Mirabell Palace & Mirabell Gardens

In 1606 Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich built the castle. Father Leopold Mozart and his children Wolfgang and Nannerl played music in it. Today it is considered as the scene of romantic weddings far and wide.


The Capuchin monastery Salzburg

The Capuchin monastery Salzburg lies on the Kapuzinerberg and offers visitors along the many hiking trails, especially along the “Basteiweges”, charming walks and great views of the old town of Salzburg.


Big Festival House

The Große Festspielhaus in Hofstallgasse was built between 1956 and 1960 to plans by architect Clemens Holzmeister and is one of the most impressive venues of the Salzburg Festival.


Fortress Hohen Salzburg

The imposing 11th century fortress is a real eye-catcher high above the baroque towers of the city. An unmistakable landmark, visible from afar in the silhouette of Salzburg. Close up, the story behind the old walls can be experienced all year round with various guided tours.



The Mozarteum is the home of the “Mozarteum Foundation”, and includes the former palace on the Mirabell Gardens, educational facilities and halls for musical performances.